Dr. Leonard of Alpha Orthodontics is an Acceledent Now Provider. located in Mason City, Albert Lea and Blue Earth
Dr. Leonard is a Certified, Elite Invisalign® Provider. He is in the top 2% of Invisalign providers worldwide.
Dr. Leonard of Alpha Orthodontics is a member of American Association of Orthodontists

At Alpha Orthodontics, we understand the importance of a great healthy smile, which is why we strive to create beautiful smiles for every single patient. Dr. Leonard and his experienced team use advanced 3D technology to provide proven leading-edge orthodontic treatment.  We combine that treatment with warm and friendly service, to give you a great experience and the smile you’ve always dreamed of.

Dr. Leonard and many of our team have been orthodontic patients. So we know how it feels to be a patient and how a radiant smile can improve one’s self-confidence. Our staff will make sure you are comfortable and that all of your questions are answered. Your satisfaction is our top priority!

We have several convenient office locations in Albert Lea, Mason City, and Blue Earth. We want our patients to feel at home in our office, so we treat every patient like family! Dr. Leonard specializes in adult and child orthodontics, including Invisalign® invisible braces, iBraces "behind the teeth" lingual braces and the SureSmile® system, which help reduce treatment time and reduce discomfort. Contact us today for your complimentary consultation, and take the first step toward your ideal smile!

Providing quality orthodontics to Albert Lea, Blue Earth, and Mason City and all surrounding areas.  Our patients have come from over 100 Zip Codes.

"Braces and aligners are simply tools. The results that are achieved are entirely dependent upon the skill level of the doctor and staff. When evaluating your options, this is the most important factor to consider in your buying decision."

                   ~ Dr. Ron Redmond


Why Would I Select Your Practice?


Most important is the relationship we establish with our patients. We will seek to understand your concerns, answer your questions, and give you the same care that we would provide for our own families. PARENTS ARE WELCOME TO ACCOMPANY THEIR CHILDREN INTO THE CLINICAL AREA FOR ANY AND ALL APPOINTMENTS.

Advanced Technology

Alpha Orthodontics has always been on the leading edge of orthodontic technology.  We are the first orthodontic office in the region to use 3D radiographs.  We are the only office in the region to offer SureSmile, the very latest proven technology that improves patient comfort, reduces the frequency of appointments and reduces treatment time.  We offer AcceleDent, which can be used with any orthodontic appliance to reduce treatment time and improve patient comfort.

Nothing Needs to Show

Dr. Leonard is a Elite INVISALIGN Provider and a recognized INVISALIGN TEEN Provider.  We treat more INVISALIGN patients than any other office in the region. Invisalign enables our office to correct many orthodontic problems without braces.

Dr. Leonard is also a certified LINGUAL orthodontist. With braces on the back side of the teeth, we are able to treat more complicated problems with braces that are not visible – even when you smile. In either case, nothing shows!

I have heard that orthodontic treatment is expensive. Why is that, and how do I pay for it?

Orthodontic treatment can be a significant investment.  Everything that we do for our patients is completely customized for each individual at each appointment throughout the entire treatment process.  So, it is a costly service to provide.  The good news is that it is relatively less costly now than ever before.  Dr. Leonard’s own orthodontic treatment back in 1968 (yeah, that was a long time ago) in today’s dollars would be well over $10,000.00.  We are glad to report that our fees are nowhere near that kind of price.  This is a great time to attain affordable orthodontic treatment.

Clear Financial Arrangements

You will find our financial arrangements to be up front and clear. We are happy to customize payment arrangements that will be easy on your budget.